Mellette Series

Mellette Series

The Mellette Series is where prairie charm meets modern elegance. Proudly South Dakota-inspired by visions of rugged landscapes, winding rivers, rolling prairie and wide-open sky you can uncover our legendary history and rich heritage by taking the road less traveled to embrace the frontier spirit of the West.

This robust line of furniture speaks to our open prairie heritage and strong midwestern values and with its simple patterns combined with strong lines for a clean, industrial look. It includes multiple desk options with a side table, multi-functional credenza, open bookshelves, and convenient storage for a touch of prairie elegance.

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The Rev.247 Difference

As REV.247 continues to grow and evolve, our philosophy and culture remain the same – to be work-centric. How you work best is at the center of what we do by providing innovative office furniture and solutions for a better workspace.


Because the way you work best is unique, REV.247 delivers versatile options for your changing needs. As your career evolves, so does your space.


Beautifully constructed, REV.247 pieces are handcrafted in the USA by professional craftsmen and women who care about the customers we serve.


Create a distinct look and feel for your workspace to showcase the way you work best. We have tasteful options for a sophisticated look all the way from elegant to contemporary and everywhere in between.


Sync your space with custom options to help you work smarter by providing what you need right where you need it.

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